Ofcom clears C4 over its 'deepfake' Queen message

Ofcom clears C4 over its ‘deepfake’ Queen message during festive broadcast that sparked 350 complaints Media regulator has decided not to investigate the 354 broadcast complaints   Deepfake technology uses artificial intelligence to alter people’s faces in videos  Ofcome said Channel 4 made it clear the images were ‘deliberately manipulated Ofcom will take no further action […]

It’s not either/or

Illustration: Matt GoldingCredit: To submit a letter to The Age, email [email protected] Please include your home address and telephone number. It’s not either/or Your letters section (The Age, 23/1) illustrates the false dichotomy that has arisen in the debate over Australia Day: to question the wisdom of holding Australia Day on January 26 does not […]

Bath could close its centre to vehicles amid fears of terror attacks

Will Bath ban cars to prevent terrorist attacks? Historic city could close its centre to vehicles amid fears of extremist incident Bath could be closed off to vehicles as council plans to install bollards in centre Parking spaces could be removed, even for residents and blue badge holders  Residents would be made to get approval for […]

Woman asks whether it's 'normal' to shower with your back to the water

Woman starts Twitter debate after questioning whether it’s ‘normal’ to shower with your back to the water rather than facing it – so, how do YOU wash? Alice, from Crystal Palace, has questioned whether shower habits are ‘normal’ Took to Twitter and asked if it’s normal to shower with back facing the water  One ‘shocked’ […]

Covid UK: Hospital opens its doors to reveal scale of the Covid battle

‘Our mantra is nobody dies alone’: As a major hospital opens its doors to life on the Covid front line, ROBERT HARDMAN sheds light on the heroic staff… and the unbearably moving final farewells Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, London opened its doors to the Mail  Space is tight and staff are stretched, with one […]

Tatler reveals its pick of socialites to rival Sex and the City

Who needs Sex and the City? Tatler reveals its pick of the New York socialites giving Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money including Jimmy Choo heiress Araminta Mellon and Greek shipping scion Angelica Hicks Society bible Tatler magazine has named socialites hot on the scene in New York  Comes days after Sarah Jessica Parker […]