Biden says mass killings ‘too normal’ in US in wake of FedEx shooting

More On: mass shootings More than three dozen killed in mass shootings in the US since March New details revealed in Indiana FedEx shooting massacre Victim with gun may have tried to stop FedEx shooter, witness says Sole survivor of deadly SC shooting by ex-NFL player dies President Biden on Friday condemned the deadly FedEx […]

PM questions mass vaccination clinics as Berejiklian says plan needs federal support

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has queried whether supply of COVID-19 vaccines in Australia could currently sustain mass vaccination clinics, a day after NSW unveiled plans for a Sydney centre which could vaccinate 30,000 people a week by mid-May. “If the supplies are not in place, then you can have as many stadiums as you like,” […]

Masks still required for mass transportation even as states lift mandates, TSA reminds

DOD, United Airlines say masked passengers ‘extremely unlikely’ to catch COVID-19 U.S. Department of Defense and United Airlines conduct study and find the risk of exposure to coronavirus on commercial airlines is ‘virtually nonexistent’; Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas reports. Not so fast there, sonny. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is reminding the public that […]

Mass grave of British troops who fought French revolutionaries found

Mass grave of 80 British soldiers who died fighting French revolutionaries 220 years ago is uncovered in a Dutch castle moat Mass grave uncovered in disused Dutch castle moat contains remains of 81 British soldiers, researchers say  Men aged between 15 and 30 died fighting French revolutionaries in the War of the First Coalition, 1792-1797 Archaeologists first […]

‘Mass’ Review: Parents of a High School Shooter Seek Forgiveness in Intimate Drama

A single-location drama about four people sitting in a sterile church anteroom and discussing — at length, and in real-time — the unequally shared tragedy that split their lives down the middle, “Mass” is so anti-cinematic at every turn that it almost comes as a surprise that it wasn’t adapted from a play or shot during COVID. And […]

Boston Dynamics’ Robots Are Dancing Now, And Yes, It’s Still Scary

This is how the robot overlords will celebrate when they take over. Boston Dynamics, the Massachusetts company known for its cutting-edge work in robotics, released footage Tuesday of its famous robot collection boogieing to The Contours’ 1962 R&B hit “Do You Love Me?” The impressive performance featured the humanoid Atlas, dog-inspired Spot and box-moving Handle, […]

Mass testing coronavirus is not accurate, health minister warns

Mass testing for the coronavirus is not an accurate way to screen the whole population, health minister Lord Bethell warns Lord Bethell wrote that asymptomatic testing could give ‘false reassurance’  Government previously announced expansion of asymptomatic mass testing  Lord Bethell wrote to a constituent to say it was not an accurate way to screen    He […]

Mass roll-out of Covid vaccine 'could be delayed for TWO YEARS'

Mass roll-out of Covid vaccine could be delayed for TWO YEARS by Government failure to get to grips with supply chain needed to immunise entire population, expert says Experts claim Government has failed to secure items for vaccine supply chain Claim they need vials and pallets to store it and refrigerated lorries to move it  […]