Fed-up McDonald’s workers leave brutally honest note at drive-thru

A McDonald's store with exhausted employees have begged their customers to be patient with a "savage" note. Brittany Logan, from US, was about to order at the drive-thru lane when she saw the note sticking next to the telecom. In her video viewed more than 1.2 million times, she zooms into the post, which read: […]

McDonald’s Testing Breakfast Chicken Sandwich With Bacon and Butter Honey Sauce

Determined to win the “Chicken Wars,” McDonald’s is now testing a new breakfast chicken sandwich. According to reports, the fast-food chain has now launched a limited rollout of a morning menu option ahead of its competitors. With a choice of coming nestled between a biscuit or toasted English muffin, the sandwich features a fried chicken […]

McDonald's Big Tasty will be back this week and Monopoly this summer

McDonald’s fan rejoice as fast food chain reveals Monopoly will be back this summer while the Big Tasty and Crème Egg McFlurry will return this week Big Tasty, Chicken BBQ Smokehouse and Creme Egg Mcflurry returns this week  Also on the menu from Wednesday will be veggie favourite mozzarella sticks Comes as food chain announced […]

McDonald’s fans can get 30% off EVERYTHING on its menu from tomorrow

MCDONALD’S is launching a mega 30% off sale through its app starting tomorrow, and it includes all items on the menu. The deal means Maccies fans can get money off everything from Big Macs to McMuffins, to milkshakes and other sweet treats.  Prices do vary between branches, but to give you an example, a Big […]

McDonald’s is selling breakfast pancakes for just 99p today

McDonald’s has slashed the price of its pancakes in celebration of Shrove Tuesday. During breakfast hours this morning, customers will be able to pick up the baked goods for just 99p per portion. With every portion you get three pancakes and golden syrup to pour over them. The price typically costs around £2.29 so you’ll […]

McDonald’s manager’s kind gesture to injured woman goes viral

A woman's heartwarming story about a kind McDonald's manager who gave her a free meal worth £29 has gone viral on social media after people were struck by the generosity. In the clip, TikTok user @valerylynnwag recalls having a sprained ankle and her boyfriend going to McDonald's to get some food. As she talks, she […]

McDonald's is adding 6 items to its menu including the Grand Big Mac

MCDONALD'S is adding six items to its menu including the Grand Big Mac. The limited edition Grand Big Mac comes with the same ingredients as a regular Big Mac, but in a bigger size. A regular Big Mac is made up of two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions and is sandwiched […]