Giants NFL Mock Draft 4.0: Top pick could create leagues best secondary

More On: new york giants Giants draft bust headed back to NFC East in Dolphins trade Giants exec talks NFL Draft on ‘Blue Rush’ podcast Crazy NFL Draft situation is huge boon for Giants Former New York Giants player busted in seven-kilo drug sting The Giants own the No. 11 overall pick in the NFL […]

CRAIG BROWN: Don't mock! Knock-knock jokes are a joy

CRAIG BROWN: Don’t mock! Knock-knock jokes are a joy Knock, knock. Who’s there? Amanda. Amanda who? Amanda the bed. This was the first knock-knock joke I ever heard. I must have been six or seven years old at the time. I soon developed an almost rabid taste for them. The two most popular were also […]

Twitter Users Mock New ‘Fleets’ Function: ‘I Just Think of Enemas’

“I work in the pharmacy and when [Fleets] was trending I was like ‘oh was there a recall or something?” another user joked Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Twitter on Tuesday rolled out its new “Fleets” feature in the U.S., which is identical to the “Stories” feature first made popular on Snapchat, and some users are amused […]

Leftists mock ex-Trump campaign manager and tweet 'f**k Brad Parscale' after hospitalization

LEFTISTS flooded Twitter to mock former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale after he was hospitalized on Sunday for psychiatric evaluation. Police went to Parscale's home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after his wife Candice reportedly told them he had "multiple firearms" and was threatening to harm himself. Police said Parscale did not threaten officers and was willingly […]