‘Deep Nostalgia’ tool animates photos with unintended creepy results

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Hello Kitty Dr. Martens Are Back, and We're Obsessed With the Entire Collection

Hello Kitty Dr. Martens Are Back, and We’re Obsessed With the Entire Collection Dr. Martens and Hello Kitty are teaming up yet again for a new collection launching on March 4. Last year’s Hello Kitty collaboration marked the brand’s joint 60th anniversary with Sanrio, and for this upcoming collection, Dr. Martens is joining forces with […]

Think You Know Your Nostalgic Horror Movies? Try This '80s Quiz

What’s so great about 1980s horror movies is that they’re definitely a bit cheesy, but some of them are still super scary! This decade did such a good job, though, of mashing up the horror comedies and going really over the top with, well, everything. The blood! The gore! The monsters! If you think you […]