The Truth About Nathaniel Rateliffs Divorce

The past few years have been pretty hectic for Nathaniel Rateliff. The singer-songwriter has lived through a slew of changes in his personal life. For one, he split from his band Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, or at least took a hiatus. “I did get some random comments where people have been like, ‘Are the […]

Official Covid R rate falls below 1 and could be as low as 0.6 in parts

BRITAIN'S official coronavirus R rate has fallen to 1 – and could be as low as 0.6 in London, official government data has revealed. The UK's R rate – which represents the number of people an infected person will pass Covid onto – is now between 0.7 and 1.0, Sage said today. ? Read our coronavirus […]

Success rate for Everest summit climbs now twice that of 30 years ago

Peak achievement: Success rate for Mount Everest summit climbs now twice as high as three decades ago — but death rate on world’s highest mountain still hovers at 1 per cent Everest’s summit reaches around 29,030 feet above sea level in the Himalayas Some 500 climbers attempt to conquer the challenging, icy peak every year  Researchers from […]