Why travellers shouldn't charge phones at public USB outlets in airports and restaurants

TRAVELLING these days is already a  logistical nightmare, thanks to masks, Covid tests, vaccination passport and quarantine.  Now you’ve got another thing to worry about – how to charge your phone when the battery goes flat.  Because phone users are being warned against using public USB charging stations at places like airports and restaurants.  According […]

Why you shouldn’t believe US college rankings or tuition prices

More On: Colleges and universities Florida college to fire professor accused of ‘racist’ tweets NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson is a college freshman at 38 Pennyslvania college yanks honorary degree it gave to Trump in 1988 Princeton student: Ivy League made me a ‘social-climbing weasel’ Of all the decisions many of us will make, few […]

The real reason you shouldn’t put lipstick on chapped lips

If you love applying different types of colorful lipsticks to your pout, you’re not alone. The lipstick industry is set to reach $17 billion in market value by 2023, according to TechSci Research per CNBC. So what do you do when your lips are chapped, but you still want to add a little eye-catching color […]

You Shouldn't Store Your Hand Sanitizer In A Hot Car…

Everyone is using hand sanitizer more than usual right now to keep themselves and others safe and healthy. If you don’t have access to soap and water, the CDC says you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol to disinfect your hands, including to protect yourself against COVID-19. But […]

The reason you shouldn’t wear makeup under your face mask

The coronavirus pandemic has affected our daily fashion in the form of face masks, which are now being recommended for those going out in public. If you typically wear makeup and are also now wearing a face mask, you might have encountered some issues applying typical products. While it might seem like the worst idea to […]

The real reason you shouldn’t keep vodka in the freezer

Everyone knows vodka gets stored in the freezer, right? Actually, no. It turns out one should never keep liquor, even vodka, in the freezer if you want to enjoy it to its fullest extent. Not that you can freeze vodka, because its high ethanol content means it will get nice and chilled but won’t ever […]

Why you shouldn’t use ‘family cloth’ reusable toilet paper

While most of us are aware by now that coronavirus will not trigger a worldwide toilet paper shortage, that still doesn’t mean TP’s by any means easy to come by on store shelves. Evidently panic-buying still holds sway — and where does that leave those of us who didn’t lay in a full pallet of […]