Is Colin Zabel Dead On Mare Of Easttown? Episode 5 Was A Wild Ride

HBO’s Mare of Easttown isn’t a big-budget fantasy series or part of a legacy anthology title, but its twists have audiences glued to their seats nonetheless. Easttown may be small, but the sheer number of suspects in the death of Erin (and the possibly related disappearances of Missy and Katie) is daunting. Thankfully, Episode 5, […]

Heres Where To Get The Celebration Churro At Disneyland That Tastes Like Birthday Cake After nearly 14 months, Disneyland celebrated its April 30 reopening for California residents with the release of a limited-edition treat. Disneyland is now serving up a birthday cake-flavored churro that comes with a marshmallow dip with sprinkles to brighten up your tastebuds and your Instagram — and it’s so easy to find in the […]

Juliette Porter Teases Siesta Key Season 4 Drama — EXCLUSIVE

After three seasons full of relationship ups and downs, it looks like Siesta Key star Juliette Porter has finally found happiness in love. But that doesn’t mean she’s done with drama. Ahead of Season 4 of Siesta Key, Juliette Porter says the new episodes will not only give fans a look at her relationship with […]

Billie Eilishs Response To Haters Of Her British Vogue Cover Makes A Powerful Point

As soon as British Vogue’s June issue featuring Billie Eilish was hot off the presses, fans began losing it over the pop star’s new look. Instead of rocking her usual oversized clothing, the superstar opted for a dolled-up, vintage-inspired makeover. Now the singer is defending her choices after some people criticized her for changing up […]

Heres How To Apply For Days Inns 2021 "Suntern" Position & Earn $10K On Vacation

You can satisfy your wanderlust this summer with the return of a dream gig. Wyndham is bringing back its two-week long "Suntern" position, which means one adventurous soul will have the opportunity to travel across the country, take photos along the way, and score a sweet payday. If you’re ready to pack your bags and […]

As @Royal_Suitor, Heres Why Im Dedicated To Defending Harry & Meghan

Following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story has been an emotional roller coaster from the moment it became public in October 2016. That’s why, on March 7, 2021, I was glued to the TV with the rest of the world to watch Oprah With Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special. After years of […]

Jamie Lynn Spears Promotion For Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Means More Noreen

Noreen played a pretty big part in the first season of Sweet Magnolias, and she’s going to be around even more in Season 2. Jamie Lynn Spears is one of the several Sweet Magnolias stars who got bumped up from recurring roles to series regulars for the upcoming season. Here’s what Jamie Lynn Spears’ promotion […]

Lizzos Birth Chart Explains Her Confidence & Why Shes Made For The Spotlight

Lizzo’s ability to live life as a celebrity while consistently using her platform to talk about issues that matter couldn’t be more admirable. After all, navigating life in the public eye is never easy. Over the years, the "Truth Hurts" singer has been transparent about her personal experiences with confidence and self-love. Taking a look […]