'The Challenge: All Stars': Arissa Hill Says She Did the Show 'Sober' for the First Time

Cast members on the fixed reality television show The Real World and its longstanding competition spinoff, The Challenge, typically indulge in the seemingly always available alcohol and usually end up getting too drunk and hooking up or fighting with their co-stars. Even though Battle of the Sexes 2 finalist Arissa Hill previously participated in the libations, she chose not to […]

'The Challenge': Rogan O'Connor Addresses Potential Return to the Show

The Challenge star Rogan O’Connor had one of the worst rookie performances but turned it around to win the following season he appeared in War of the Worlds 2. After not returning for Double Agents, fans wondered when they would see him again. The one-time champ recently addressed if he would come back for another season, noting, “I […]

The Challenge Reunion Recap: Which Relationships Survived the Madness?

This season on The Challenge, an unexpected new bromance blossomed, but not every relationship made it out alive. Though the champions had already been crowned, the Total Madness cast still had plenty of tea to spill in the series’ first-ever virtual reunion, giving us the real scoop on what happens when friends stop being polite […]