Letters to the Editor — April 18, 2021

More On: hunter biden Joe Biden’s flavors of the weak: Goodwin Right-wing filmmaker shouts questions at Hunter Biden from a kayak Hunter Biden’s drug- and sex-fueled memoir is a big fat flop VP Harris’ response to migrant crisis borders on the absurd: Devine Kimmel’s joke flopMaureen Callahan was spot-on with her article about the Hunter […]

The Real Meaning Behind ‘You’ll Always Be My Baby’ By Alan Jackson

It seems April 2021 might be the de facto “month of country music” so far this year. Along with the annual 2021 American Country Music Awards on April 18 and the much-anticipated release of Eric Church’s three-part album Heart & Soul, country music sensation Alan Jackson has released yet another single from his upcoming album Where Have […]

The 32 best DIY restaurant boxes with nationwide delivery

WE'RE now into our third lockdown, and if you've had your fill of the local takeaways then a DIY restaurant kit might be for you. With many of the UK's top restaurants now offering DIY kits, they're perfect if you're looking to celebrate indoors, or just something new to do this weekend. Whether it's Indian, […]

'The Bachelor' star comes out as gay, more ICYMI celeb news

Sexuality reveal More than two years after starring on season 23 of “The Bachelor,” where more than two dozen women competed for his heart, Colton Underwood has addressed his true sexuality: He’s gay. The former NFL player and reality star came out in an interview with Robin Roberts that aired on “Good Morning America” on […]

The Truth About Penelope Knatchbull, Countess Mountbatten Of Burma

After the death of Prince Phillip, followers of the royal family are wondering who will attend his upcoming funeral. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Kingdom is currently on lockdown and traditional funeral proceedings have largely changed.  Considering the royal family is so large and the Duke of Edinburgh had many close acquaintances of […]