Letters to the Editor — April 18, 2021

More On: hunter biden Joe Biden’s flavors of the weak: Goodwin Right-wing filmmaker shouts questions at Hunter Biden from a kayak Hunter Biden’s drug- and sex-fueled memoir is a big fat flop VP Harris’ response to migrant crisis borders on the absurd: Devine Kimmel’s joke flopMaureen Callahan was spot-on with her article about the Hunter […]

Feds urge parents to stop using Peloton treadmill after child death

More On: peloton Coming up short: Peloton’s height requirement leaves some users in the lurch Treadmill of death: Child killed in ‘tragic accident’ involving Peloton Black entrepreneurs raise awareness as they look to the future Bike it or not: Biden’s Peloton workouts could be a national security risk The US government issued an urgent warning […]

Chrissy Teigen returns to Twitter 3 weeks after quitting

Less than a month after supposedly saying goodbye to Twitter for good, Chrissy Teigen is saying hello again. The model, cookbook author and social media personality returned to Twitter and her one million followers Friday, 23 days after she announced she was deactivating her account after 10 years of being one of its most active […]

'Not fair' to brand JK Rowling 'a transphobic bigot'

‘Not fair’ to brand JK Rowling ‘a transphobic bigot’: Irish broadcasting regulator says ‘no evidence’ for guest’s claim on Today FM show Panelist on Today FM show branded JK Rowling a ‘transphobic bigot’ last year  Broadcasting Authority of Ireland upheld complaint that comment was ‘not fair’  Radio boss said remark made in a ‘lively miscellany’ […]