Obama urges skeptics to trust COVID vaccine: It’s a ‘good thing to get’

More On: COVID vaccine NY state adds new COVID vaccine rules for nursing homes as workers decline jab White House’s social media vaccine campaign to include Fauci on Snapchat Israel ends outdoor mask mandate Half of US adults now have received at least one COVID vaccine dose Former President Barack Obama is urging black Americans […]

Medical journal urges New York Times to fix vaccine ‘mixing’ article

More On: COVID vaccine New York officials weighing new options to expand COVID-19 vaccine access Hospital forced to use or lose hundreds of COVID-19 vaccines after freezer breaks Canada’s COVID vaccine rollout rate lagging behind US Fine whine: De Blasio slams Cuomo’s ‘arrogance’ amid vaccine criticism The editor of a British medical journal has called […]

Gov. Cuomo urges help from Big Labor to address fiscal crisis

More On: Coronavirus in NY NY’s nursing homes STILL ‘acutely vulnerable’ to COVID-19: report De Blasio says his NYC budget plan hinges on Georgia Senate races Uber scraps phone-ordering feature in NY, Florida after just six months De Blasio must fork over docs, testimony for COVID probe, says judge Gov. Andrew Cuomo huddled virtually with […]

Copy us: Britain urges Australia to imitate its net-zero climate law

London: Britain's independent Climate Change Committee is encouraging Australia to pass its own Climate Change Act to legislate carbon reduction targets, pointing to the support received by the business community when the UK took the step in 2008. The committee was established by that legislation, which was the first in the world to legally require […]

Tier 2 barman urges drinkers to only go to the pub if they're hungry

‘This is utterly obscene’: Barman in tier 2 urges drinkers to ‘only go to the pub if they’re hungry’ after being forced to bin three untouched meals left by customers who just wanted beer Will Dalrymple shared a tweet showing three plates of food that had to be binned Pub-goers in tier 2 areas must […]

GOP Rep Urges Trump Voters to Be Like Post-WWII Japanese Soldiers

“The America First agenda is just in its infancy. There are 75 million of us,” says Rep. Paul Gosar GOP congressman Paul Gosar got Twitter’s attention Monday night when he urged supporters of President Donald Trump to be more like Japanese soldiers who didn’t surrender after World War II. Those soldiers were, of course, fighting […]

Whitty urges caution and warns there is still 'long haul' to normality

Chris Whitty urges caution and warns that there is still a ‘long haul’ to get back to normal as Oxford unveils its ‘vaccine for the world’ England’s chief medical officer said the vaccine would help ‘step by step’ ‘The virus will not disappear,’ Prof. Whitty warned on Monday night But jab will allow for the […]

Woman urges others to reconsider homemade edible gifts

Woman who throws edible homemade gifts in the BIN because of Covid-19 is branded ‘paranoid and joyless’ – but some admit they don’t ‘trust other people’s hygiene standards’ British woman has urged people to reconsider giving homemade edible gifts  Posting on Mumsnet, she admitted she throws away food due to hygiene reasons Many responses argued […]