Liverpool's US owner John Henry's grovelling apology over Super League

Founder of European Super League blames BREXIT for collapse of his football rebellion as rebel clubs issue grovelling apologies but fans demand they be punished further Premier League considering rule changes, points deductions, fines, relegation and imposing bans on players Owners and chairmen of PL clubs not involved call for ‘appropriate’ punishment being ‘coup to […]

US ambassador to Russia to return home for talks in U-Turn

US ambassador to Russia John Sullivan backs down and agrees to leave Moscow in tit-for-tat sanctions spat after earlier saying Putin would have to force him out John Sullivan, the US ambassador to Russia is to return home despite earlier reportedly refusing to leave the country    Sullivan is said to have met with top foreign policy […]

Biden plans to announce US troops to leave Afghanistan by September 11

Biden says he will withdraw ALL US troops from Afghanistan by September 11: Senate GOP leader slams president’s decision as a ‘grave mistake’ that ‘cancels an insurance policy against another 9/11’ Announcement is anticipated Wednesday Donald Trump’s administration negotiated a May 1 exit with the Taliban The U.S. began effort to take down the Taliban […]

US calls for pause in Johnson & Johnson vaccinations over blood clot concerns

The FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Tuesday that they are calling for an immediate pause on the use of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine after discovering six cases in the United States of a rare and severe type of blood clot that developed about two weeks after the vaccine was […]

Lee Hart, wife of US presidential candidate Gary, has died age 85

Lee Hart dies at 85: The betrayed wife stood by her husband Gary Hart as his 1987 presidential campaign collapsed when his affair with model Donna Rice was exposed and they remained together until the end Lee Hart was on track to become First Lady when her husband Gary was the favorite to win the […]

US Capitol lockdown: What have lawmakers said about the incident?

A CAPITOL police officer was killed after a knife wielding suspect rammed a car into a barrier outside the US Capitol in Washington DC. The suspect – who has been identified as Noah Green, 25 – was shot dead by officers near the Capitol on Friday, April 2. What have lawmakers said about the US […]

China sanctions US, Canadian officials in escalation over Xinjiang

Beijing: China has announced new sanctions against US and Canadian officials in a growing political and economic feud over its policies in the traditionally Muslim region of Xinjiang. A statement from the Foreign Ministry said the head of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, Gayle Manchin, would be barred from visiting mainland China, Hong […]

US official accuses China of 'grandstanding' in tense bilateral talks

US-China relations tested during first meeting with Biden admin FOX News Washington Correspondent Rich Edson joins ‘Special Report’ with the details A U.S. official accused Chinese leaders of “grandstanding” during contentious bilateral talks in Alaska Thursday, according to a report.  “The Chinese delegation … seems to have arrived intent on grandstanding, focused on public theatrics […]

How COVID Made Us Fall In Love Even Faster

On our first date, seated outside at my favorite restaurant and surrounded by fairy lights and a bustling weekend crowd, my now partner and I were fairly confident something incredibly special was buzzing between us. From seeing eye-to-eye on the best films and music of all time to getting headaches from smiling and laughing so […]

A politicized US military should horrify all Americans

More On: military Navy won’t remove ‘anti-American’ books from reading list Official Marines account walks back tweet ripping Tucker Carlson Pentagon, Tucker Carlson trade barbs over remarks on women in the military Simulated war games over China threat reportedly warn of likely defeat During the last administration it was hard to go a week or […]