Who was Jery Hewitt and what was his cause of death?

STUNT man Jery Hewitt left fans in mourning when he passed away aged 71. On March 2, 2021 New Amsterdam, which he worked on for two years, paid tribute to him at the end of the show. Who was Jery Hewitt? Jery was born in Brooklyn on March 6, 1949 and was known for being […]

Sexual predator who followed woman off bus and attacked her is jailed

Sexual predator who followed woman off bus and attacked her is jailed for life after police catch him using facial recognition technology Craig Walters, 39, followed the young woman off a bus in Cardiff in 2019 He attempted to drag her to a secluded spot before a passer-by intervened Police arrested him after using CCTV […]

Mass grave of British troops who fought French revolutionaries found

Mass grave of 80 British soldiers who died fighting French revolutionaries 220 years ago is uncovered in a Dutch castle moat Mass grave uncovered in disused Dutch castle moat contains remains of 81 British soldiers, researchers say  Men aged between 15 and 30 died fighting French revolutionaries in the War of the First Coalition, 1792-1797 Archaeologists first […]

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley: WHOA! Are They Back Together?

You know what they say about actions, don’t you? When compared to words, that is? We’re reminded of this famous saying, and of how the former speak a lot louder than the latter, because Dale Moss and Clare Crawley have been saying an awful loft ever since their stunning break-up last month. Both halves of the […]

The creepy abandoned village Wharram Percy in Yorkshire that holds a grim secret

YOU can visit a creepy abandoned village in Yorkshire – where former locals burned and destroyed many of the corpses to stop them "rising like zombies". Wharram Percy, located near Malton, was a settlement for nearly 600 years, thought to have first been founded in the 9th century. Despite thriving between the 12th and 14th […]

Jen Psaki can’t answer whether Israel and Saudi Arabia are ‘important allies’

More On: jen psaki Psaki stumbles when grilled on White House spokesman’s one-week suspension Biden’s troubling double-talk on school openings must’ve set a record Green jobs in the sky, by and by White House defends Biden’s goal to reopen 50 percent of schools by end of April White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki gave a […]

Why Jamie Lynn Spears Didn’t Want To Become A Singer

Jamie Lynn Spears has admitted that despite finding fame at a young age, she never had any interest in becoming a singer like her older sister Britney. In response to a post on NYLON’s Instagram page that read, “I think it’s nice that in the early 2000s if your sister was a pop singer, you […]

What Happened To The Actress Who Plays Bianca In 10 Things I Hate About You?

One of our favorite ’90s teen movies is the 1999 teen rom-com 10 Things I Hate About You, a modernization of William Shakespeare’s play The Taming of the Shrew, set in a turn-of-the-millennium Seattle high school. The story follows two sisters: Bianca, a sophomore who is popular and wants to go to parties and out […]