Ex-Army officer who called his neighbour 'peasant' cleared of assault

Ex-Army officer company boss who called his neighbour, 74, a ‘peasant’ and ‘shoved her’ after his corgi escaped his £600,000 home and ‘went for’ her dog is cleared of assault Dane Pepperday was alleged to have shoved Rosemary Westbrook during a row The incident took place after 60-year-old’s Corgi ‘went for’ his neighbour’s dog They […]

Gone Girl cast: Who starred alongside Lisa Banes?

GONE Girl fans are mourning the death of actress Lisa Banes. In the 2014 thriller she played Marybeth Elliott, who is Amy's mother. The best series on Amazon Prime The best movies on Amazon Prime Who starred alongside Lisa Banes in Gone Girl? Gone Girl tells the tale of ormer New York-based writer Nick Dunne […]

Sports Stars Who Died Right Before Fans Eyes

While top-level professional sports stars can seem superhuman, they are a little like the characters from “The Watchmen” comics: they don’t actually possess any magical powers that set them apart. There are no radioactive spider bites or secret experiments gone wrong (Dr. Manhattan aside). They’re fully human, just better. Take once-in-a-generation athlete LeBron James. As […]

Ex-military translators who fled Taliban to be offered refuge in UK

Afghan translators who helped our troops on the battlefield and are stuck in refugee camps could settle in UK under new Ministry of Defence plan Ex-military translators who fled Taliban death threats are to be safely relocated Up to 20 former translators are trapped in Europe, India, Pakistan and Australia Initially, interpreters were told to […]