100 Humans: Who is Avalon Warren?

100 Humans is the latest quirky documentary series to hit Netflix and each episode looks into a new experiment. The series dropped on Netflix on March 13 and has already had viewers talking as it includes some unusual behaviour tests. One participant in particular has stood out from the crowd, and here is everything you need to know about Avalon Warren.

In each episode of the series three presenters form a hypothesis for a human nature or behaviour experiment.

They use their cohort of 100 volunteers to find out the results, and the volunteers cover all bases in terms of age and personality.

One participant in particular has shone out from the 100 volunteers, human number six – but who is she?

The 21-year-old volunteer is actually a social media star and actress who is very popular on Instagram and YouTube.

Fans may also have seen her starring in some of BuzzFeed’s Teen vs. Adult challenge videos.


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Judging from her social media profiles she lives in California, which is where the series was filmed.

Fans have picked up on her “baby voice” as she sounds very young for her age.

Not all of the volunteers are involved in every experiment, but from what we have seen so far of Avalon, she was unable to complete the balloon blowing challenge.

Since taking part in the series she has accumulated a total of 31,000 followers, and many of her posts suggest she is a model.

One of her most recent posts was a video of herself watching herself on the programme, which she tagged: “Woah, the resemblance is uncanny! Just kidding”.

She said: “So I worked on 100 Humans with @netflix almost two years ago! It was such a fun, unifying experience and I feel like it couldn’t have been released at a more perfect time.

“Humanity is such a beautiful thing. We’re basically just one big ‘ole family, yeah? From one human to another, I’m sending you lots and lots of love…and peace…oh and joy…and a good dosing of laughter too. #100humans”

She plays the footage of herself trying to blow up a balloon, and she ends up screaming as the balloon knocks her backwards.

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In the video she says: “So apparently on this new Netflix show 100 Humans there is a girl who looks exactly like me, it’s so crazy.

“Who is this? It’s craziness, what the heck? Who is that? Somebody come and get this girl, what a weeny. Just kidding, that’s me.”

She seems to be a fan of cosplay and shows off her impressive costumes on her Instagram account – and she is also a World of Warcraft fan.

In her podcast she says she is “proud to be a geek” and her social media followers are right behind her.


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In her Twitter bio she promotes “love and kindness and all things good”, and fans have fallen in love with her sweet personality.

On her YouTube channel she once made a video where she created a drink using everything she had in her fridge.

She adds mayonnaise, cranberry juice, coffee grounds and almond milk and she says: “This is not something I should be doing, I’m really sorry.”

One of her fans commented saying: “Saw you on 100 humans and fell in love with you and I did a bit of digging and eventually found you through some dude linking your Instagram and Twitter on here – yay.”

Other fans commented on her “natural humour”.

100 Humans is available to watch on Netflix now

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