AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie Quinnen shares clothing struggles after burns accident means wearing a compression vest

AJ PRITCHARD'S girlfriend Abbie Quinnen has shared her clothing struggles after her horror burns accident means she has to wear a compression vest 23 hours a day.

The 23-year-old beauty, who was engulfed in fire after social media video went wrong earlier this year, enjoyed a date night at the London Palladium Theatre last week.

Abbie beamed as she wore a pink floral high neck, long sleeved dress and on Monday, she revealed it was one of the few items of clothing she felt happy in after her accident.

Sharing snaps of her Zara dress on Instagram, Abbie wrote: "There's only a few things I feel comfortable wearing at the moment and this dress is one of them. 

"Definitely am finding it hard to find what to wear at the moment as I have to wear a compression vest 23 hours a day under my clothes and keep my scars out of the sun."

She continued: "I'm always panicking about what I'm going to wear before I leave the house so it's always so lovely to get so many compliments from you all about what I'm wearing! Thank you." 

Earlier this year, Abbie was left traumatised when a blazing wine bottle exploded in her face.

The couple, who recently celebrated their second anniversary, were filming a “life hack” video and were showing followers how to cut a glass bottle in half to be used as a vase.

Things went terribly wrong and set Abbie's her hair and clothing alight, which caused third-degree burns on her body.

The blonde beauty visited the hospital 20 times and has undergone three skin grafts since.

Opening up about the traumatic ordeal earlier this month, Abbie admitted that she she couldn’t help but lash out at her boyfriend.

She told The Sun: "I did everything to push him away from me. I felt so traumatised,  I hit out at the person who loved me the most.

“He was by my side from the moment I came out of hospital, cooking for me, rubbing creams and moisturisers into my scars four times a day, and telling me I was beautiful, not letting me lift a finger.

"He was keeping so calm and upbeat for me, but I was an emotional mess and I wanted him to be as devastated as I was.”

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