BBC Breakfast's Naga in giggles at Charlie's innuendo-filled beaver chat

BBC Breakfast hosts Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt couldn’t quite pull it together during an innuendo-filled segment about beavers, and viewers were loving every single second of it.

The pair were presenting this morning’s instalment of the BBC show, when Naga segued to a segment on British mammals at risk of extinction.

The 45-year-old began: ‘We’re asking, when was the last time you saw a red squirrel? Charlie?’

‘I genuinely can’t remember,’ Charlie, 58, replied. ‘Grey squirrels all the time, but no, I can’t remember.’

She continued: ‘Another question I’ve got here is when did you last see a beaver?’

Trying to stifle a laugh as his co-star chuckled, the presenter responded: ‘Well it’s probably it’s been a while… If ever in fact.’

‘They’re among 11 British mammals which are now on a worrying list of extinction.’

Smiling widely as she pulling herself together, Naga added: ‘This is according to a new Red List report. Authors are calling for urgent action to prevent their loss.’

How they managed not to erupt in hysterics, we will never know.

And viewers at home couldn’t get over the scenes, flocking to Twitter to share the laughs.

‘Enjoyed this one from @BBCBreakfast – find it hard to believe that @charliestayt has never seen a #beaver?! @TVNaga01 looked very awkward…?! #BBCBreakfast #beaver #redsquirrel,’ one commented.

‘So funny when Naga asked Charlie when did you last see a beaver. Their faces trying to stifle the giggles. #BBCBreakfast,’ another agreed.

A fan wrote: ’Watching Naga Munchetty ask Charlie Stayt “When was the last time you saw a beaver?” is the funniest thing I’ve seen for ages. Hope this wasn’t editorial collusion. #bbcbreakfast.’

‘@TVNaga01 #naturewatch#springwatch now #beaverwatch “have you seen a beaver recently” on #BBCBreakfast never laughed so much,’ a Twitter user penned.

While a follower added: ‘#BBCBreakfast superb effort from Charlie and Naga struggling to keep it together after Charlie was asked the last time he saw a beaver.’

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