BBC host Dan Walker shares travel blunder after falling asleep on train in China

BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker opened about a rather embarrassing travel blunder he endured while on a trip to China.

The BBC correspondent took part in a fan Q&A with his Instagram followers on Thursday (March 10) while on his commute.

One fan asked: "Have you ever fallen asleep and missed your train station?"

To which he replied: "I fell asleep on a train in China once and ended up miles away from where I should have been! Never on a train in the UK but I did do a bus in Sheffield during my early student days. The driver woke me up when he got back to the terminal. I never did make that lecture!"

This comes after the host shared a serious snap of him and his BBC Breakfast co-star, Sally Nugent, as he braced viewers for a "tough watch".

The BBC host uploaded a photo of himself and TV pal Sally in the BBC studios as they prepared for another presenting shift, where the show news has largely been dominated by coverage of the Ukraine war.

With both of the hosts posing with very serious expressions, he wrote: "Thanks for being with us on #BBCBreakfast this morning. We know it’s a tough watch at the moment but we are trying to bring you the latest from #Ukraine.

"We’ll continue to speak to our correspondents and Ukrainians about what they are facing at the moment."

Fans flooded into the comments, with many praising the presenting pair for doing such a great job at such a difficult time.

One viewer said: "Can only imagine what it’s like for you reading it. Your correspondent James in Kyiv is very calm and I find peace in his reporting – he is an absolute legend for being there."

A second wrote: "I can see how heavily it weighs on you and Sally, Dan. I'm praying every day for a resolution to this awful conflict. Thank you to all the team."

While a third penned: "I know you won't read this. But thank you for delivering it in such a calm way. And explaining what's going on. I have autism so it's been a great help how you explain what's going on in Ukraine."

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