Ben dies in drugs collapse in EastEnders as he is found with no pulse?

EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) has been increasingly turning to drugs as a way to blot out the pain he’s struggling with since Lewis (Aidan O’Callaghan) brutally raped him.

Getting into a relationship with drug dealer James (Anto Sharp) and having a ready supply of drugs on hand from Tez has meant that it’s been easy for Ben to get heavily involved with drugs very quickly.

The consequences of this are revealed in upcoming episodes, when Ben dramatically collapses and is found lifeless.

The incident occurs after Ben has once again turned to illegal drugs to cope with painful emotions, this time as a result of repeatedly letting his daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown) down.

After going to a party where he takes more and more drugs, Ben finally heads off to join his family for a special dinner to celebrate Lexi’s dance exam.

He realises he’s late and leaves an emotional voicemail message for his daughter saying he’s on his way.

But before he can get there, he collapses.

When Lexi plays the voicemail message to Callum (Tony Clay) and Jay (Jamie Borthwick), they can tell from Ben’s voice that there’s something seriously wrong. They and Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) rush out to look for him and they’re horrified to find him with no pulse.

They desperately call for an ambulance – but can Ben be saved?

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