Brielle Biermann parties with sister Ariana in LA after reality starlet accused of ‘blackfishing’ bikini photos – The Sun

BRIELLE Biermann partied with sister Ariana and pals Scarlet and Sistine Stallone on Monday, as she forgot about the ongoing social media controversy surrounding her pictures.

The reality star was pictured leaving dinner at Craigs before heading to nightspot Catch with pals, including socialite Ty French.

The group of friends shared their adventures on social media, with Ty posting a video of Brielle smashing a chocolate cake in glee.

Brielle also revealed they dined on appetizers including pigs in blankets while they guzzled pink cocktails.

Their outing comes after Brielle, the daughter of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak, doubled down on her claims she was not "black fishing" fans after the 23-year-old was criticized for taking her tan to the point of becoming "black face."

Brielle called the accusations "ludicrous" and spoke to paparazzi on Sunday, flashing her phone with what she claimed were the original images.

Asked: "If you didn't do anything, why would you take the images down?" Brielle responded that the claims were “absolutely ridiculous."

Mom Kim added that Brielle was "simply at the beach getting a tan" and that the backlash is "wild," adding that Brielle did nothing wrong and is "just Italian."

In the controversial pic, Brielle is seen lying face-down on a blue polka-dot towel, with a dark tan across her body.

However, fans claimed she had edited the picture, with one writing: "like girl just embrace being white. I hate being the color of milk too but you don’t see me black fishing."

Another added: "But, why is she so dark? I mean. Girl."

Brielle later posted a pic of herself growing up, showing how even as a child she would quickly tan in the summer.

She commented: "I actually was only going to keep it up until we sold out of our bikini 🙂 never did anything wrong.

"I can't help how tan I get from laying out sun up to sun down at the beach everyday!"

Brielle later removed the post from social media and uploaded a second picture, in a different bikini.

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