Casualty viewers gobsmacked as doc lets parents ‘watch their kid die’ in surgery

Saturday night's episode of Casualty saw Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson (Sharon Gless) fly over from the US to perform brain surgery on little Luka (Tom Mulheron).

Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell) and Lev Malinovsky (Uriel Emil) were feeling hopeful when master surgeon Zsa Zsa took on the daunting task of removing Luka's brain tumour.

But the concerned parents – who both work in the hospital – were adamant that they should be allowed to watch the surgery, with Zsa Zsa eventually giving up on battling their request.

Viewers at home couldn't quite believe it though, concerned that Zsa Zsa was allowing them to inevitably "watch Luka die".

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One tweeted: "They're going to watch their kid die on the table, aren't they?"

Another said: "They're not going to watch rom inside the c***ing theatre are they?"

A third wrote: "No way in hell would any doctor let parents watch their kid get operated on in real life."

Someone else said: "I could not watch this operation if it was one of my children."

And a fifth added: "There's no way they'd let them watch this operation."

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Luckily, Zsa Zsa managed to remove the tumour – but soon discovered another, more serious one which she was unable to remove.

After the surgery, she told Faith and Lev: "Luka is stable and he's recovering nicely."

But she explained that the other tumour was causing more problems which they were not expecting.

While Faith listened calmly, Lev flew off the handle, raging: "Don't give me your excuses.

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"You were supposed to save my son and you failed. You failed my son!"

She recommended chemotherapy for Luka to Faith, but warned her that it wasn't always helpful in these situations.

Eventually, Lev returned and apologised to Zsa Zsa for his outburst and thanked her for doing all that she could.

Casualty airs Saturdays at 21.10pm on BBC One

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