Cool Stuff: The Battle of 'Godzilla vs. Kong' Comes Home as an Amazing Illuminated Diorama

Godzilla vs. Kong delivered the massive monster mayhem that fans have been waiting for ever since Hollywood’s most iconic creatures returned to the big screen over the past decade. Perhaps the most satisfying battle from the blockbuster battle found the creatures clashing in the middle of a neon-soaked Hong Kong skyline. Now Prime 1 Studio is bringing that fight to life in an astounding, illuminated diorama full of buildings, explosions, smoke, and of course, the two titular titans.

Prime 1 Studio Godzilla vs Kong Diorama Statues


First up, there’s the Godzilla side of the diorama. With LED lighting on the buildings and flame and smoke accents scattered among the destruction, Godzilla stands tall with his dorsal fins glowing and ready for a blast of Atomic Breath.

The Godzilla half of this battle diorama also comes with a monstrous cost of $1,949, and that’s just the first half of this statue set.

The King of the Jungle is leaping from Hong Kong’s crumbling buildings in the other half of the Godzilla vs Kong statue. Complete with the Hollow Earth Battle Axe in his hand, he’s hellbent on stopping Godzilla’s perplexing reign of terror. Kong even comes with intechangeable head sculpts that show expressions like “fierce determination” and “righteous anger.” We’re betting you don’t want to be on the receiving end of either one.

The King Kong half of the battle diorama will cost you $1,899, but even if you get that and the Godzilla statue, you still won’t have the complete battle diorama.

In order to get the complete Godzilla vs Kong diorama statues set, you’ll have to order the Final Battle Showdown Set for $5,699. That gargantuan pricetag will get you a “bridging cityscape” piece that adds more skyscrapers, a giant flying aircraft carrier, and a H.E.A.V. (Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle), as well as more fire and smoke effects. Then you can top it all off with a title plaque and hope your friends will always comment on how cool it is.

The Godzilla vs Kong diorama statues will ship in August and November of 2022

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