Coronation Street betrayal as Alina Pops baby is not Tyrones in Adam affair twist?

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Coronation Street fans were disappointed to learn Tyrone Hobbs (played by Alan Halsall) and Fiz State (Jennie McAlpine) were splitting up. It came after the mechanic fell in love with Alina Pop (Ruzandra Porojnicu) and out of love with Fiz, who he originally had plans to marry. Those watching at home have been sceptical as to whether Tyrone and Alina can work, considering their age gap and him already having children. But now, a curveball has been thrown as the beautician suspects she is pregnant – but what if the baby is not Tyrone’s? 

In previous scenes of Coronation Street, Tyrone explained the impact of him leaving Fiz and the family home, has had on the girls – Ruby especially. 

He then confessed his love for Alina, but she was adamant they needed to cement their relationship: “When it’s over, you will still have your life and you job and your kids. What will I have?” 

Tyrone suggested himself: “I know I’m punching above my weight, but I’m sick of doing what’s right for everyone else. I want to do what’s right for us! I know you feel the same…” 

“I’ll show you how I feel,” She said and they went into the bedroom together. 

But was this a calculated move because Alina was already pregnant? 

This week’s spoilers reveal Alina is expecting a child, presumably Tyrones. 

After the news of Kirsty Soames’ (Natalie Gumede) dying, Tyrone is grateful for Fiz helping him organise the funeral and together, they explain to Ruby that her birth mother had died. 

Elsewhere, Alina is panicking, fearing she might be pregnant and heads out to get a test. 

At work, she finds out about Tyrone’s past with Kirsty and she is stunned. 

Later that day, she confronts her boyfriend, hurt she had to find out what happened from Sally about Kirsty’s abuse. 

But her emotions get the better of her and she blurts out she’s pregnant, leaving Tyrone utterly gobsmacked. 

Reeling in shock, Tyrone leaves for a meeting at the undertakers and Alina breaks down in tears. 

Viewers will see Tyrone struggling to concentrate on Kirsty’s funeral arrangements and Fiz is the one to step in and comfort him. 

She assures him he is a great father and she will organise joint custody for them to see the children fairly. 

Alina, on the other hand, her pregnancy won’t stay a secret for very long. 

Nothing gets past Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) who spots Alina’s nausea and realises with horror she is expecting a child. 

And she is keen to find out how her grandson feels about being a father again. 

Suffering from morning sickness, Alina says she can’t attend Kirsty’s funeral and Tyrone is left overwhelmed. 

Realising he’s going alone, but not why Fiz asserts she’s coming with him and Tyrone doesn’t object. 

Having returned from Kirsty’s funeral, Tyrone bottles out of telling Fiz about Alina’s pregnancy and making excuses heads home. 

Feeling uneasy about Alina’s pregnancy, what if the baby is not actually Tyrone’s? 

Alina previously fancied Adam Barton (Sam Robertson) and the two had many scenes flirting with one another, much to the annoyance of Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien). 

When the couple were going through a rough patch, Adam turned to Carla Connor (Alison King) for comfort. 

Recently, Adam and Sarah were at loggerheads over organ donation for Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoigne), could this have led Adam to stray once more but this time into the arms of Alina? 

Coronation Street is available to watch on the ITV Hub now. 

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