Coronation Street spoilers unveiled as Bethany Platt leaves the cobbles alone

Next week, Bethan Platt leaves the Coronation Street cobbles for good following a series of nasty surprises and plot twists.

Emotions appear to be running high in what is set to be a week of tense moments that will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Among the wedding dramas and Bethany’s sad departure, Corrie keeps us entertained with the intense goings on of Weatherfield.

Here’s the latest drama from the cobbles.

Sarah marries Adam

The Platts come together as Sarah and Adam finally tie the knot, and they couldn't be happier.

Although the day begins with tension between Sarah and Bethany, they put their differences aside for the celebration among family and friends.

Other drama is brewing, however, as Gary is left seething after realising that it's his ex's wedding day.

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Daniel proposes to Bethany in order to prove his love

During the wedding, Daniel breaks down while giving his speech.

His tearful wedding appearance makes Bethany realise that he's not over his late partner.

Despite this, a few days later Daniel attempts to prove his love for Bethany by publicly proposing to her by shouting up to the salon flat.

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Bethany fumes after realising that Daniel is proposing with Sinead’s ring

Much to Bethany's horror, during his public meltdown Daniel whips out the wedding ring that used to belong to Sinead.

He then gets down on one knee and shockingly tries to propose to her.

Bethany's friends and family have been right about their suspicions and now the penny has finally dropped for Bethany too.

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Bethany decides to leave Corrie alone

Bethany, played by Lucy Fallon, bids farewell to the Coronation Street set.

She leaves alone following her devastating heartbreak with Daniel.

The actress has been a popular character on the show for five years but felt it was time to move onto different acting roles.

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All the wedding talk encourages Maria and Gary set a date for their own wedding

Gary Windass tells Maria Connor to set a date for their own wedding, after he grew jealous during his ex-girlfriend Sarah's wedding days earlier.

Gary proposed to Maria earlier this month and accepted his proposal despite her doubts.

Corrie residents expressed their doubts over the relationship in earlier episodes, and the drama is only set to get even more heated this week.

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Alya confronts Geoff about why Yasmeen was crying

Alya tries to get to the bottom of why Yasmeen was heard crying by questioning Geoff.

The character appears to dodge her questions but Alya was determined to find out what has been going on – so she takes her grandma for a stroll.

She appears to be getting closer to the truth.

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Gary learns Maria slept with Ali

While Maria waits for her husband-to-be at the pub, Gary instead desperately searches for Ryan.

The dodgy dealer is trying to find out if something has gone on between Ali and Maria.

Although Ryan appears deny it, Gary appears to see right through the lies and understands what Maria has done.

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Jade attempts to seduce Tyrone

Jade misreads signals from Tyrone after he buys Jade a bracelet for her birthday to keep Hope happy.

She clearly gets the wrong message and awkwardly makes a pass at Tyrone.

Later in the week, Fiz firmly reminds Jade to never touch her husband again.

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Aggie gets back to nursing

Aggie returns to the pub and chats to Ed about her first day back at her nursing job.

During their conversation, James then announces that Aggie has snagged the Weatherfield Golden Heart award and they all toast to the moment.

Aggie's left a little embarrassed by all the fuss.

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