Coronation Street’s Catherine Tylesley declares war on neighbour and wants to ‘slap him’ for mowing his lawn at 9pm

CORONATION Street star Catherine Tyldesley has said she wants to "slap" her neighbour because he mows his lawn at night.

The actress declared war on a man living next door to her gorgeous family home in a tweet to her 418,000 Twitter followers.

She wrote last night: "My next door neighbour only mows his lawn after 9pm…

"I want to march around and slap him with a yuka … so selfish"

Her comment sparked a thread of people sharing their own stories of neighbours from hell.

One woman replied: "My neighbours start their BBQs at 10.30pm most nights. Nothing like the smell of fish in your living room before bedtime."

One more wrote back: "I have a neighbour that's up at 4am… goes out in his truck with very loud reversing sirens at about 5am… comes home at 7am and starts either DIYing or other stuff in the garden."

However, another fan explained: "Nine is a great time. It’s cool, no sun on the freshly cut lawn, it also allows the grass not to burn!"

And one more scoffed: "You've got enough money to purchase a house in the middle of nowhere surely?"

It comes after the 37-year-old star is said to have used taxpayers' money to support her production firm from December until April of this year.

The ex soap-star has worked throughout the pandemic, including starring in drama miniseries Viewpoint, and Cooking With The Stars.

But her company Dreambig was one of many to claim furlough during the Covid pandemic, according to records on Companies House.

The Daily Star report that in the 12 months until July 2019, the firm had £23,000 in cash deposits.

Government papers then reveal that it claimed £50,000 in furlough cash, with Catherine and her husband Tom Pitfield supporting the business further with up to £10,000-a-month – which they are authorised to do.

The star is just the latest in a long line of celebs to have made use of the Government scheme, which was launched to support struggling businesses during the pandemic.

Last month, The Sun revealed that I'm A Celeb champ Giovanna Fletcher and her McFly husband Tom, worth an estimated £8million, had received up to £30,000 of government cash.

Following our report, the showbiz couple admitted to a "huge error in judgement".

In a brief social media statement, Giovanna confirmed that the money was for a member of their team who they'd placed on furlough.

However, she admitted that she and Tom should have "funded it themselves" – and said they'd paid the "full amount" back.

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