'Counting On': The Details of Danica Dillon's Settlement Over Josh Duggar Battery Allegations Remain Confidential

Ashley Johnston, who went by the stage name, Danica Dillon, settledher lawsuit against Josh Duggar in 2016. The lawsuit, stemming from analleged paid sexual encounter, claimed that Jonhston was left withemotional and physical trauma from the incident. Johnston has recently resurfacedto discuss the details of her meetings with the disgraced 19 Kids andCounting star, and now family critics are curious about the details ofthe settlement. Johnston can’t say much about the agreement, but family criticsbelieve the Duggar family may have paid her in exchange for her silence.

Josh Duggar once claimed he would never settle the lawsuit out ofcourt

For a short time after the former adult entertainment star filedher lawsuit, Josh was pretty smug. Fresh off of back-to-backscandals and a stint in a sex addiction treatment facility, he insisted he hadno plans of settling with Johnston out of court. In fact, he claimed the onlyway he’d consider settling the lawsuit was if Johnston was willing to issue apublic apology and a statement indicating that she had lied about having asexual encounter with Josh.

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No public apology came, and Johnston has maintained, for more thanfive years, that she did not lie about the incident. Still, Josh settled thelawsuit. It’s largely believed that Dillon told the court that she lied aboutthe encounter, but there is no documentation to back up that claim. Dillon eventook to social media, in the wake of the case’s dismissal, to insist she didnot lie.

Did the Duggars pay off Danica Dillon?

The lawsuit’s abrupt about-face has left a sour taste in themouths of many Duggar family followers. Some believe that Johnston was paid offby the Duggar family to stay mum about the details of her encounter with Josh. Others,however, wonder if Dillon decided to drop the case after it was discovered shelied about part of her encounter. TheHollywood Gossip seems to believe the latter may be true.

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In a recent interview, however, Johnston doubled down. Years awayfrom the scandal and ensuing lawsuit, she’s in a different place now. Married,with four children, she sat down with TheU.S. Sun to discuss what happened with Duggar so many years before. Herstory hasn’t changed much in the ensuing five years. She maintains that she metwith Josh twice, and both times he paid for sex, but she did not mention thedetails of the settlement. Likely, she can’t speak about them. Several Duggarshave come forward to suggest they have been barred from talking about thefamous family, so it would stand to reason that Johnston is also banned fromspeaking about the situation.

Could Josh Duggar topple Jim Bob’s media empire?

In recent months, several people have come forward to talk about theDuggar family and their dark secrets. Former employees have spoken with severalpublications, Derick Dillard has spoken out, and now Johnston has come forwardonce again. The sudden interest in speaking out against the family beganshortly after theDepartment of Homeland Security showed up in Northwest Arkansas. Back inNovember 2019, the agency confirmed that they were on-hand at a Duggar owned property.They, however, did not announce the reason for their visit.

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Family critics have long suspected Josh Duggar may be behind the federalagency’s interest in the Duggar family. Much of the activity seemed to center arounda car lot owned and operated by Josh. It’s entirely possible that Josh could topplethe family’s media empire, but the details of the investigation won’t beavailable for months.

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