Dog the Bounty Hunter and late wife Beth’s daughter Cecily launches ‘For Beth’ clothing collection – The Sun

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Cecily Chapman has created a clothing line to honor her late mom Beth who passed away from cancer last year.

The collaborative project reunited Cecily, 26, with her formerly estranged dad Duane “Dog” Chapman, 67, for the first time in nearly eight months.

Eco-friendly apparel company One Love One Tribe designed the collection of shirts, hats, bags, leggings, sports apparel and more with Cecily at the helm.

The loving daughter kept Beth close to their heart with the clothing line that reads “For Beth” on every product.

Her family’s home state of Hawaii is also emphasized throughout the collection that begins at $15 with the most expensive item (a kimono cover-up) that retails for $195.

Proud dad Dog showed off his little girl’s project on Instagram: “Family! with my beautiful daughter Cecily,” he captioned the photo that garnered more than 30,000 likes.

In a video posted to the company’s account, Cecily revealed the project brought her and her father together for the first time in eight months.

She admitted while in the car driving: “I’m so nervous, I’m about to go and see my Dad for the first time in I want to say almost eight months. I’m really excited, I’m nervous.

“It’s a good thing, I want to reunite with him. I think it’s important for my mom’s sake that me and him get on a better level, better terms.”

In a separate video on her way to a business meeting, Cecily witnessed a “crazy” coincidence when she got off the freeway on Chapman Ave, a nod to her family’s last name.

The blonde beauty later turned on a street called Bond – fitting for the famous bail bondsman family – and called it a “sign.”

“I mean, are you kidding me? Is that serious right now? Does that really say Bond?” She says astonished in the car.

"I’m telling you there are signs going on right now. I mean c’mon that’s gotta be God telling me… first it’s Chapman then it’s Bond? What’s next Cecily Street? Crazy!”

Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer in September 2017 and passed away in June 2019 at the age of 51.

Dog has remained distant from his family since his controversial relationship with Beth’s maid-of-honor Moon Angell began shortly after her death.

The Chapman family feud escalated in January when the famous bounty hunter popped-the-question to Moon but was turned down.

The fling officially ended earlier this week and the father-of-12 has vowed to “move forward” in life and has already begun to mend his relationship with his children.

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