Everything You Need To Know About 'American Horror Stories,' Which Is Different Than 'American Horror Story'

If you’re anything like me, the American Horror Story drought over the last year has been… brutal. But thankfully, there’s about to be a solve. The newest show in Ryan Murphy’s empire, American Horror Stories, is about to fill the void. Sure, there’s no Sarah Paulson to gawk over (or is there?), but TV goers are about to get the goosebumps they’ve been looking for lately. Here’s all the info we know about American Horror Stories.

Okay so… what is it?

We do know a few things about the show, thanks to a May 2020 report from Deadline. According to the outlet, the series is going to take on a different format than its predecessor, and each episode is expected to be formatted as its own ghost story. TBH, not sure how it’s going to play out, with fans kind of expecting the original format for the franchise, but hey—good for Ryan to try something new!

And if you’re wondering whether this is a brand-new idea from the creator, you’d be wrong. It turns out he’s been working on this for a while, as he spoke with his AHS cast about it on a Zoom call at the very beginning of the pandemic.

When is American Horror Stories premiering?

Fellow intrigued fans, we don’t have to wait too long! Mark your calendars for July 15, because that’s when the first episode of American Horror Stories makes its grand debut on our TV screens.

Ryan Murphy also confirmed back in November 2020 just how many episodes fans can expect from the anthology series: 16.

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