Gwyneth Paltrow declares which ex is a better actor – Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt were the golden couple of Hollywood in the mid 1990s – quite literally with their snazzy matching cropped blond locks.

They started dating after meeting on the Se7en set in1994, but his December 1996 proposal was the beginning of the end.

The pair split in June 1997 and within months Paltrow soon linked up with another star, Ben Affleck.

Their relationship lasted until 2000 and was regarded as rather more of an “on and off” affair.

Paltrow has been with second husband Brad Falchuck since 2018, but stunned Hollywood recently when she spilled intimate details and judgements about her times with the two actors.

The actress, 50, was put on the spot in a podcast interview with Alex Cooper called Call Her Daddy. Cooper is the biggest female podcast host in the world with over two million followers on Instagram.

During a remarkably frank chat, the pair discussed Paltrow’s relationships with her two superstar exes (rather than her superstar ex-husband Chris Martin).

Pitt came out well of softer questions like who was the better dresser and more romantic, while she admitted she was more likely to laugh and argue with Affleck.

When it got to the nitty-gritty of who was the better lover, Paltrow replied: “That’s really hard… Because Brad was like the major chemistry love of your life at the time. And then Ben was like technically excellent.”

The actress said they were both good kissers and neither was particularly vain or high maintenance, adding: “I’m not attracted to guys who are like looking in the mirror the whole time. Although Ben did like have like a mirror face that he would throw at the mirror. I think he was joking though.”

And then the Oscar-winner was asked to rate their acting abilities.

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Paltrow, of course, won an Oscar for Shakespeare In Love back in 1999 when she stunned the world with her sobbing acceptance speech.

Pitt had to wait a few more decades before he bagged an Academy Award for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in 2020, while Affleck has a 1998 Screenplay Oscar for Good Will Hunting and a 2013 Best Film (as producer) Oscar for Argo, which had directed and starred in.

Asked to rate their professional abilities, Paltrow said: “They’re both so talented. And Ben is a great writer and director. But I guess I would probably have to say acting alone, Brad. Because if you think of all the different roles that he’s done.”

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