Hillary Clinton Criticizes Trump for Downplaying Coronavirus on 'Fallon'

Hillary Clinton said she hoped President Donald Trump would stop calling the coronavirus outbreak a hoax during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Wednesday.

The former Democratic presidential candidate said she wasn’t surprised by how the Trump administration was handling the outbreak, adding: “This is something that you can’t just insult or pretend it’s a hoax, despite how hard he’s trying. You really do have to listen to people who actually know something. There’s a terrible shortage of testing kits. They need to make sure that state and local health departments and governors and mayors and others have the resources they need with hospitalization, so there’s a lot of work to be done.”

Clinton also encouraged people to get a flu shot if they can, acknowledging it isn’t a cure-all, but noting, “The best guessing by the experts is that it could slow down or help if the other virus comes in contact with it.”

Despite the seriousness, the interview did open with a silly moment when Fallon, introducing the topic, cleared his throat and Clinton jokingly leaned back in horror as if he’d just tried to hide a cough.

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