Holby City spoilers: Ange Godard to make ‘dark’ discovery about Cameron Dunn

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Ange Goddard (played by Dawn Steele) and Cameron Dunn (Nic Jackman) have been at loggerheads for months as the former lacks confidence in her colleague’s ability. Now, as star Nic Jackman has teased some very “dark” twists to come for Cameron, it seems inevitable Ange will only become further involved, particularly as her daughter Chloe (Amy Lennox) is currently living with the secret criminal. But could she be the one to make a huge discovery about the colleague she despises?

Ange and Cameron regularly clash on the wards as the latter continuously shows he lacks some of the skills needed for his job.

And Ange has been clear about how she feels towards Cameron on a number of occasions.

However, one thing she does not yet know about the colleague she’s less than keen on is his very sinister past.

Viewers are aware Cameron is prepared to go to some very dark lengths in order to get what he wants and have seen him involved in deaths of more than one patient.

But speaking to Express.co.uk, Cameron star Nic teased things would only get “darker” but could it end up involving his least favourite person, Ange?

“It’s fair to say that Ange can recognise something – she might not entirely understand who he is and what he’s capable of yet sort of thing – but we’re certainly seeing the start of that. 

“I think, let’s just Ange… she’s got her eye on Cameron,” commented the actor. 

With Ange keeping a very close eye on Cameron, could she start to do some digging into him in the episodes to come?

At the moment, Cameron is living with girlfriend Nicky McKendrick (Belinda Owusu) and Ange’s daughter Chloe. 

This could also set alarm bells ringing as Ange only becomes more suspicious about her daughter’s friend. 

He added: “I think we’ll see more, we’ll definitely see more from Chloe and Cameron, and we’ll definitely see more from Chloe, Cameron and Nicky, as well they all live together so that it’s a certain amount of tension.”

And even Nic doesn’t think his alter-ego has what it takes to keep his cool for much longer. 

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Nic said: “No, I think it’s safe to say that Cameron’s used family connections and privilege to get him where he is today and he doesn’t have the ability of the other doctors, he’s not that good a doctor!”

This has been picked up by Ange previously, who slated Cameron during his progress report in the summer. 

“Because of his selfish interest of wanting to further himself, we’ve seen him already jeopardising patient’s lives or patient’s well being just to kind of prove himself.

“He’s constantly looking for reassurance and of course, when he then gets that it just inflates his ego even more,” added Nic.

The dramatic comeback instalment also saw multiple new arrivals as well as the exit of the much-loved Ric Griffin (Huw Quarshie) after 12 years.

One entrance came in the form of Zav Duval’s (Marcus Griffiths) brother Alex (Miles Mitchell) who soon caused a stir with Donna (Jaye Jacobs). 

However, one other person he’ll be sure to be intrigued by is Cameron when he inevitably learns the pair had a chequered past relationship.

Could the fresh pair of eyes be the one to see the seemingly-charming doctor for who he really is?

Holby City continues tomorrow at 8:15pm on BBC One. 

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