Holby City spoilers: Dom's life hangs in the balance and Jodie begs nurses to let her die to save baby

IT is a huge week coming up on Holby City as Dom's life teeters on the edge and Jodie makes a tough decision.

Jodie – who is played by Sian Reese-Williams in the BBC soap – might not get the sympathy she's after, as Sacha starts to see her in a different light.

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Jodie is injured in the car accident which see Dom's life hang in the balance and Sacha has a lot of tough decisions to make.

Henrik wants to wait for the fire brigade to help Dom who has a pole driven through his abdomen.

But Sacha wants to deal with the injury before they arrive because he's aware that Dom is running out of time.

He pulls Dom out of the wreckage – which Henrik still insists was not the right thing to do – and they both work frantically in surgery to try and save him.

There's a lot going on for Sacha who also has to contend with an injured Jodie, who was also hurt in the accident.

She begs him to let her die in order to save her unborn child but things take a dramatic turn while she's in surgery.

Sacha gets a shock when Jodie's mum, Linda, who was presumed dead turns up and he starts to realise what impact she has on her daughter's mental health.

So he works with Lucky to try and get her into a psychological unit where she can get care.

As things seem to go awry for Dom in surgery, his biological mother Ange, is in a fit of worry over him.

She tries to reach out to his adoptive mum Carole to offer support and beats herself up for not telling Dom earlier how much she cared about him.

But Dom's accident has far reaching consequences across Holby City.

Alex swoops in to comfort Donna who is left devastated after learning of Dom's accident.

He blames himself over Jodie's circumstances, but Donna tries to convince him that it's not his fault.

Then they have to work together over a patient called Bobby, which brings them even closer together and two then have a fairly steam snog, which could point to something serious developing between the two.

Henrik manages to save Dom in surgery, but he will emerge with life altering consequences

Ange is forced to tell her son that his life will changed forever after the serious car accident.

Upon learning the news he get understandably upset, taking his anger out on his biological mum and Henrik.

Catch the next episode of Holby City on February 16 at 8.20pm on BBC One

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