Holly Willoughby in hysterics as This Morning’s Spin To Win viewer has very delayed reaction to prize win – The Sun

HOLLY Willoughby was left in a fit of giggles on today's This Morning as a Spin To Win contestant had a very delayed reaction to his prize win.

Rather than listen to the outcome of the spin while on the phone with hosts Holly and Phillip Schofield, Terry watched along on TV which was lagging behind.

As the presenters cheerfully announced he'd won £1,000, an oblivious Terry could be heard urging the wheel to keep spinning.

It left Holly in hysterics and Phil demanding he listen to the phone.

The segment often provides laughs and surprises.

Last month a doctor called in to play Spin to Win in the middle of seeing patients.

The presenters were frustrated when the contestant took ages to pick up.

Once he did, they demanded to know why he hadn’t answered sooner.

He replied: “I’m a doctor and am on the ward.”

Holly couldn’t believe it and questioned how he managed to pick up.

He revealed he was just with a patient and had nipped out before going on to win a spa break in Devon.

Then there was the game when an elderly couple were invited to take part in Spin To Win after their purse was stolen.

Pauline and Geoffrey Walker became internet sensations after they shared an Instagram video begging for the purse to be returned.

Pauline broke down in tears in the clip as Geoffrey explained what it would mean to his wife to get the purse back.

It hadn't been recovered, and Geoffrey told the This Morning hosts that they didn't expect to get the money back but wanted the items inside.

And they were completely stunned when Holly and Phil invited them to take part in Spin To Win.

They sat there in silence, looking completely baffled, as Phil spun the wheel.

The arrow landed on a grand, and Pauline whispered "a thousand" smiling at her husband.

Phillip told them: "Yep £1,000 is on its way to you to put into whatever purse you have."

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