Horror violence in EastEnders rocks Peggy's as armed thugs launch an attack

There are some violent scenes coming up in EastEnders, as thugs walk into Peggy’s demanding the cash that Jonah (Mark Mooney) insists Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) still owes him.

Before that, Shirley (Linda Henry) and Phil (Steve McFadden) run into Jonah, who is looking for Sam. Phil punches Jonah, who issues a chilling threat about what he’s going to do to the Mitchell family.

Phil is stunned by Jonah’s words but he’s even more stunned by what Shirley tells him next. She reveals that Sam has been scamming him for months, in collusion with Jonah.

Jonah finds Sam and confronts her, demanding his money. Then he sends his thugs to Peggy’s to get the cash.

They find Lola (Danielle Harold) there, preparing for a birthday party for Jay (Jamie Borthwick). Mistaking her for Sam they grab her and instruct her to open the safe.

There’s a desperate struggle but Lola eventually manages to get free and she runs back into the bar where people are arriving for the party.

As the thugs give chase, the scene soon descends into chaos as violence erupts – and at least one person ends up in hospital.

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