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NETFLIX's new drama Freud, based on founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud has gripped fans during the coronavirus lockdown.

But while the storyline has kept fans entertained, is it really based on a true story?

Is Freud based on real life?

While the character is based on Sigmund Freud, the majority of the storyline is fictional.

In the show, a young Freud uses his skills of psychoanalysis to solve crimes.

He also teams up with a policeman and a medium to catch the bad guys.

The show presents elements of the supernatural and detective work as we see Freud attend a seance amongst other activities which have not been revealed about the revolutionist.

What is Freud about?

The show imagines the neurologist as a crime solving detective.

Set in the 1880s, the story unfolds against a Vienna backdrop, which in real life is where Freud lived most of his life.

The series follows the life of Freud as he teams up with a medium and police officer to solve the bloody crimes.

The eight part series is in the German language and also follows a period in Freud's life where his theories and ideas made him an outsider with his fellow doctors.

With his professional reputation and his relationship with his fiancé in jeopardy, he finds solace in drug filled nights with his friend Arthur Schnitler and the high society crowd of Vienna.

Netflix says: "Eager to make his name in 19th century Vienna, a hungry young Sigmund Freud joins a psychic and an inspector to solve a string of bloody mysteries".

The series is created by Marvin Kren, Benjamin Hessler and Stefan Brunner.

Despite a setting of Vienna, filming of the show took place in neighbouring country, Prague.

The drama had its premiere on March 23 and intrigued fans can catch the series on streaming giant, Netflix.

Who is in the cast of Freud?

Sigmund Freud is played by Austrian actor Robert Finster while his psychic sidekick, Fleur Salome is portrayed by Ella Rumpf.

Policeman Alfred Kiss is also played by Australian actor, Georg Friedrich.

Other actors in the new drama include Christoph Krutzler, Brigette Kren, Anja King and Philipp Hochmair.

Ella Rumpf character of Fleur Salome is loosely based on Lou-Andreas Salome, who according to publications, was Freud's student and friend in real life.

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