Joe Swash reveals incredible home gym transformation at £1.2 mansion he shares with Stacey Solomon

JOE Swash revealed his incredible home gym today at the £1.2million country mansion he lives in with fiancée Stacey Solomon.

The presenter is planning to go from average Joe to Swash machine after kitting out his garage in state of the art equipment.

As the electronic door lifted, it revealed a multi-purpose rack bought from and installed by Birmingham brand Iron King.

Joe said the heavy duty gear was guaranteed to last for life and boasted: "I'm hoping to be pushing some big boy weights."

There is a running machine with a screen that can stream Netflix and YouTube to keep Joe motivated, and on the wall is a dartboard for when he just wants to have some fun.

On the floor are the words 'Pickles Gym', which matches the name of the cottage as well as Stacey's pet name for the kids.

Showing off the gym, Joe said: "When me and Stacey first moved into this house I'd seen this garage and was like 'please let me turn this into a gym', and she was like 'yes'. And look at this…"

Stacey has been busy renovating the pad, dubbed Pickle Cottage, and has been keeping fans updated with the latest developments. 

She recently said: "I feel like an absolute imposter but an extremely grateful imposter."

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