Katie Price admits she 'hates' her bum as she undergoes fat dissolving treatment to 'make it smaller'

KATIE Price has admitted that she "hates" her bum, and is undergoing fat dissolving treatment to help "make it smaller".

The 42-year-old star opened up about her insecurity in her latest YouTube video, which was posted this evening.

In the vlog, she undergoes a full MOT – including two colonic irrigations to clean out her insides, a bizarre facial involving needles, and kicked off treatment to dissolve the fat in her body.

Concluding the video, Katie tells viewers: "We've been put under the test today… Literally, top-to-toe is good."

Admiring her flat stomach in a mirror, she adds that she can "actually feel a difference" after the machine was hooked up to her tum to kick off the dissolving.

She goes on: "A few more treatments and that'll be good, won't it?"

Just before saying goodbye, Katie holds up a peach-shaped cushion to her bum, asking: "Guys, do you think I should have one of these? A peachy Brazilian bum lift…"

She then cuts herself off, smacking her bottom as she shows it off to the camera, adding: "No! I've come here to get my bum smaller.

"I hate it, I want it smaller!"

Back in March, Katie was forced to deny that she'd had a secret bum lift in lockdown after fans spotted "evidence" in new photos online.

Her rep told The Sun at the time: "Katie has not had any recent work to her posterior.

"The shape is completely natural, effects from gaining a few pounds."

However, the mother-of-five did undergo the procedure in 2019, being left bed-bound following the cosmetic surgery.

Speaking on her reality show My Crazy Life at the time, Katie explained: "I look like a bloated alien, it won't stay like this but my body is in bits.

"I had liposuction, my own fat injected into my bum, then fat put under my eyes – and a little lift."

However, shortly after having the bum lift, the star said she wanted the procedure reversed.

A source explained: "Katie thinks she looks fat with a big bum and reckons she wants it back to how it was, instead of having more fat pumped into her bum to keep it perky.

"She always wanted a hourglass figure and complained about having a flat bum, but it didn’t look like she thought it would.

"Now she wants her old bum back. Plus, it was so painful when she got it done, she doesn’t want to go through it all again."

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