Kim puts her revenge into action with a big announcement in Emmerdale

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Kim Tate (Claire King) is set to host her calculated dinner for a series of guests who she believes could contain her poisoner in Emmerdale.

She recently figured out that her brandy was being laced with drugs in order to make her out of sorts – or even kill her.

And she is determined to find out who is behind it – and make them pay.

As she lays the table with the names of guests Jamie (Alexander Lincoln), Will (Dean Andrews), Dawn (Oliva Bromley), Gabby (Rosie Bentham), Jai (Chris Bisson), and Al (Michael Wildman), she smirks to herself, her plan coming together.

As dinner is cooked, Kim gathers everyone together for an announcement – she is stepping back from the business and Home Farm.

Telling her guests that she needs to find a successor, several ears prick up.

But it’s all a ruse – Kim wants to find out who among them will most be trying to get their hands on the empire and that will hopefully lead to the poisoner being exposed.

Claire told ‘She gathers all of them.  She makes a list and invites them all. She’s put Jai and Al on this list because they’ve been giving her a lot of grief about work and she doesn’t completely trust them as far as the business is concerned so she has to include those two.

‘There is Dawn. Kim has previously spiked her drink so she thinks this could be revenge. She also dislikes Dawn intensely as she is seeing Jamie, so Kim wonders if Dawn might want Kim out of the way.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a webbrowser thatsupports HTML5video

‘Will is on there because he’s Dawn’s father, he’s in and out of the house and he might get Kim back for her treatment of Dawn. She suspects Gabby because she now doesn’t trust her very much as she has been stealing from her and thinks that maybe Gabby has ulterior motives about getting her hands on home Farm and of course her son Jamie because he’s living in the house.

‘The brandy is in the house. All of them have access to the house so they are all possible culprits.

‘She’s ruled out Lydia at this point because she drank it and just seemed totally innocent of it. Also Lydia has been a real support and help to Kim recently when she  passed out. So yes she has ruled Lydia out.’

The dinner party from hell will air on Monday May 31 at 7pm on ITV.

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