Loose Women's Ruth Langsford breaks down in tears as she shares heartache at not being able to visit mum in care home

RUTH Langsford broke down in tears as she shared her heartache at not being able to visit her elderly mum in her care home.

The 60-year-old star remained stoic for most of the chat on today's Loose Women, but it all got too much as the segment drew to a close.

Discussing I'm A Celeb's Ruthie Henshall's call for it to be made illegal for care homes to ban visits amid the coronavirus pandemic, Ruth shared: "This is very close to my heart as my mum has not been out of her care home since March."

She continued: "The biggest concern for lots of people is if they die and you haven't actually held them.

"I've seen my mum through a window, I phone her all the time but I haven't physically touched her."

However, she went on to insist that she "absolutely understands" why care homes have the ban in place, but shared her hope that it could change once her mum is fully vaccinated.

Ruth added: "I can't praise the care workers at my mum's care home enough, they are incredible.

"But they are doing their daily jobs and are very, very busy. They can't match my memories with my mum, they can't sit and talk to my mum about my dad and sister and life as they don't have the time and they don't know her well enough.

"That, I think, is what so many elderly people are missing."

Rounding up the debate, Ruth's eyes filled with tears as she read out a government statement that said they will be looking into a wider range of visiting arrangements once it is safe.

With her voice cracking as she spoke, and her eyes glistening, Ruth said: "Well let's hope that is soon because I think people really, really need to see their loved ones and to touch them and hold them."

The TV presenter then sobbed as she apologised for her emotional reaction while trying to move the show onto its next, much more upbeat, topic.

Smiling through tears, she chuckled: "Anyway, something fluffy and nice and funny now as we don't want to upset you today!"

Ruth has been left devastated by not being able to see her 88-year-old mum Joan over the past year – previously sharing pictures of herself waving to Joan through a window; even kissing the pane of glass.

She previously admitted to feeling "guilty" about putting her mum in a care home as she comforted a This Morning caller who was in the same boat.

Ruth explained at the time: "Everybody who faces a loved one going into a care home feels guilt, it's just a human, natural reaction, but you must do because you love your mum so much, clearly.

"You will find her the best care home for her, because you will be choosing it with love and care and what is best for her at the front of your mind."

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