Love Island Chuggs explains nickname means cuddles and hugs in sweet moment

One question was on everyone’s lips on Wednesday evening, when Love Island revealed they would be dropping two bombshells into the villa.

Chuggs Wallis, 23, a bucket hat business owner from Surrey, was confirmed as one of the late arrivals, hoping to find love on the show.

But as he introduced himself to viewers, fans couldn’t help but wonder where he had picked up the unusual nickname of "Chuggs".

On Thursday evening, the rugby player revealed all during a date with Sharon Gaffka, who was just as curious about his unconventional name.

Chuggs, whose real name is Oliver, revealed his name is in fact a combination of the words "cuddles" and "hugs".

Having picked up the nickname during his childhood, he carried it through life – and is now going by Chuggs on national television.

Sitting down at the table, civil servant Sharon asked: "I’ve got a question. Chuggs?"

He said: "Chuggs, yeah good question. It was going to come at some point. It’s better to get it out of the way now.

"So it is my nickname, Chuggs, like a baby name, cuddles and hugs."

Sharon visibly softened and said: "Aw, that’s cute. I looked at it and I was a bit like, ‘oh no, I feel like there’s a story behind this.’"

"My Christian name is Oliver," Chuggs offered, before they carried on with their date, getting to know one another over plastic flutes of prosecco.

Watching from home, viewers had mixed reactions to the reveal – while some were surprised by the origin story, others felt it was quite charming.

Former Love Island champion Amber Gill penned: "Cuddles and Hugs??? Wasn’t expecting that."

"Idc I like Chuggs so far. Cuddles and Hugs? Tell me that’s not the cutest thing," wrote a second fan.

A third penned: "Sharron: so chuggs? chuggs: yeah it means cuddles and hugs plssss."

While a fourth weighed in: "Did I hear that wrong or did Chuggs just say his nickname is a mashup of cuddles and hugs."

Mystery solved!

Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2

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