Love Island stars made to take drug tests to prove they're not hooked on narcotics or pills just before entering villa

BEFORE entering the villa, all Love Island contestants faced drug tests – to check for illegal drugs and any prescription meds for any conditions they may be hiding.

Entrants also had to give permission for ITV bosses to write to their GPs to ask if they had any pre-existing conditions that could prevent them appearing.

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These could include serious psychological episodes, such as sleep-walking and night terrors.

The drug tests were left as late as possible after the contestants had arrived in Majorca. A source revealed: “Love Islanders are all vetted for drugs and had to submit to a test before entering the villa.

“It’s part of the medical screening process and their fitness to participate.

The show also writes to their GP, and Love Islanders have to give consent for doctors to disclose any addictions and medical conditions that mean they shouldn’t take part.“

Conditions such as sleepwalking mean they could put themselves or others in danger, and someone with terrible nightmares would really disrupt the order of the villa.

“GPs are also asked to provide details of any medication they are on to make sure they have adequate supplies if they are selected.

“The drug testing also lets bosses know if they have an addict on their hands or someone who is taking drugs for a condition the show doesn’t know about.”

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