Love Islands Finn Tapp says girlfriend Paige drove him crazy during lockdown

Love Island's Finn Tapp jokingly told ITV's Lorraine that girlfriend Paige Turley has driven him crazy over lockdown.

Finn and Paige made a guest appearance on Monday's programme and spoke about how their relationship has developed post-winning the ITV2 dating show.

The pair opened up about their rather strange experience as they've been "dating backwards" and are only now starting to have their first dates due to the pandemic.

The couple won the winter series of Love Island last year which took place just as Covid struck, and have lived with each other ever since.

When Lorraine asked whether they had driven each other crazy over lockdown, Finn piped up to say: "Sometimes, a little bit."

The couple shacked up together as soon as the show ended and live in a swanky apartment in Manchester.

When quizzed about moving to the next stage of their relationship, the pair seemed to have already considered getting engaged within the next year or so.

Replying to host Lorraine's joke about buying a hat, Finn said: "Well that's what we're saying because we've had a year on pause.

"Now things are opening up we can start living life a little bit and then things can go from there."

Finn also revealed that he thought he'd "never in a million years" find love on the hit show.

Presenter Lorraine also praised the couple for their amazing relationship, despite the two's non-typical timeline.

Finn also said: "It's brilliant because you wouldn't expect that in the first six months of a normal relationship to go through almost like the life challenges we've been through, with everything going on and moving out.

"So, we sort of skipped to the nitty-gritty."

Paige added: "I think it's very exhilarated, we obviously met each other and within couple hours it's like 'oh you're sharing a bed'.

"Obviously once we left the island, we very quickly moved in together.

"So, it's like we're doing everything in reverse. We're only now starting to go out and have first dates."

The budding singer also joked about how quickly she dropped her beauty barriers post leaving the villa.

She said: "I feel bad for you [Finn]though because in that villa you seen us very very glam, in dresses and tanned and makeup and all that.

"Then we get into lockdown and it has been a year of me in pyjamas and joggers on the couch."

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