MAFS UK viewers fume at Jenna forcing Zoe into veganism

Married at First Sight: Sneak peek at UK series

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Married at First Sight UK returned to screens with another instalment of the newlyweds getting to know each other. However this time, viewers fumed as Jenna began to judge Zoe for her lifestyle choices. 

In the true Married at First Sight fashion, Jenna Robinson and Zoe Clifton first met on their wedding day where they exchanged vows. 

The newlyweds were whisked off to Iceland for their honeymoon and began getting to know each other better. 

Their addition to the show was a groundbreaking one as it made them the first lesbian couple to appear in the series. 

After Jenna joked that their morning started with a “bang”, things appeared to be going smoothly with the couple. 

However, soon enough the cracks began to show when they sat down for breakfast. 

As Jenna is a vegan, Zoe asked her new wife more about her lifestyle choices while she ate a plate of tofu and imitation bacon. 

Zoe soon became self-aware as she tucked into her full English and claimed she could never give up bacon. 

But things became frosty between them as they ordered dinner, when the waiter asked Zoe if she wanted her lamb medium-rare or medium, she gave a guilty glance at Jenna before she answered: “Medium.”

When Jenna and Zoe discussed her transition into veganism, Jenna made a remark about animals being hurt for consumption, which made Zoe feel bad for her choices. 

This angered viewers who took to Twitter with rage as they hit out at Jenna for trying to force Zoe into veganism. 

@therealdavewest wrote: “What is it with vegans Jenna Meat eaters are quite happy with your choice of food, so let us have our bacon, lamb etc it’s our choice just as it’s yours not to eat meat.” [Sic]

A second viewer @Em_Louise769 anticipated: “Jenna and Zoe’s relationship’s gonna come to an end over being vegan.”

A fuming @rachellaura__ tweeted: “Reason why most vegans p*** me off.”

@ktlulu1985 added: “Jenna babs, just stop trying to convert people!” [Sic]

@Abs_Wareing shared: “Actually feel sorry for Zoe, she should be able to eat what she likes without being frowned upon.”

While @ThisMissPenny stated: “Unless she specified a vegan wife, Jenna needs to chill out [Married At First Sight UK].”

During the evening, the pair had an honest conversation about the future of their relationship and if it would clash with their lifestyle choices. 

After Jenna revealed she felt like the conversation ruined the evening, Zoe responded: “We’ve been thrown into this intense thing where we are working things out about each other.” 

Zoe admitted: “I’m in the for the long haul, I’m not in this for the short term and I’m trying to make a commitment to you.”

Speaking to the cameras, Jenna shared: “Hearing Zoe say that she can picture a future with me, it’s nice to hear that and I like that it’s given me relief.”

Married At First Sight UK airs from Monday to Thursday on E4.

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