Man has best clapback for people who ask stupid question about his dwarfism

First Dates viewers have gone wild over 27-year-old Josh who has shared the best clapback for people who ask him stupid questions about his dwarfism.

The actor was looking for love on the Channel 4 show and began by sharing his story.

When it came to people asking him questions, he shared one that would definitely grind the gears if it became a regular occurrence.

‘One of the things girls, even blokes, have asked is, “How long have you been a dwarf?”,’ Josh said on tonight’s episode.

Asked what his response was, Josh quipped: ‘How long have you been a tw*t?’

And that, dear reader, is how it’s done – snaps for Josh.

Of course everyone was loving the actor – who has starred as a Gringotts goblin in Harry Potter, as well as serving as Peter Dinklage’s body double – and his witty clapback.

And that was before his date, Lori, had even entered the First Dates restaurant!

Still, Josh said he was often hesitant to put himself out there, as he explained: ‘Are they still going to be interested in me when they see I’m little?

‘I wish I had that someone, she’s out there somewhere.’

After meeting Lori, it seemed his prayers were answered.

And Josh had told cameras he won’t let any potential height difference get in the way of a good snog.

‘With my height, it can be sometimes awkward having a kiss,’ Josh began. ‘If there’s a step I’ll get on it, if there’s a table I’ll stand on it. If it means they’ve got to bend down or I’ve got to stand up, so be it. If it means I’m getting a kiss, go on!’

However, things got deep when the pair began sharing their dating history, with Josh admitting he’s often hesitant to put himself out there after facing women in the past who only wanted to sleep with him as a tale to tell.

‘My height puts a downer on me – I do think to myself will I ever find love,’ Josh, who is 4ft 5in, said to Lori, who is 4ft 11in. ‘I assume people aren’t going to want me, I’m a dwarf…so I don’t bother.’

It took fans about two seconds to fall in love with the pair.

Fans were loving Josh and Lori:

— Sum Ting Wong lol (@HollyOaks007) February 27, 2020

— Evil Batman Forever 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 (@clsyoshimoo) February 27, 2020

— Jill (@RedlipsJill) February 27, 2020

— Gillian Hudson (@JillHudson21) February 27, 2020

— stuart bickerton (@stuartbickerton) February 27, 2020

— Dean Stevens (@DWJStevens1991) February 27, 2020

Luckily, spoiler alert, the pair said they’d both like to see one another again, as they left the date together and got into a cab to go and grab some ‘Jägers’.

Is this true love?

We think so.

First Dates returns Thursday 10pm on Channel 4.

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