Netflix fans have a big complaint about Christmas horror Elves dubbed 'the new Gremlins'

NETFLIX fans have complained in number about new Christmas horror Elves – and it doesn’t look good for the series' main character.

Dubbed “the new Gremlins”, Elves – set in Denmark – follows a family as they travel to the remote island of Årmandsø, a vacation meant to drown out the noise of their everyday lives. 

The six-episode Danish series takes place over the Christmas season, but based on the premise, it’s not going to be the cheeriest of celebrations.

They soon discover that the island isn’t nearly as blissful as they hoped. 

They meet members of a deeply religious community with a dark secret – that they aren’t the only creatures to exist in this region.

The first series follows the consequences of the family’s youngest child finding and bringing home a baby Elf, which triggers a fatal war against the creatures.

Those who have already binge-watched the new festive series have since aired their frustrations about the show – and all seem to have the same damning complaint. 

Taking to Twitter, one angry viewer tweeted Netflix directly and fumed: “Sometimes it’s ok to let the stupid people die in the series at the first chance you get.

“The girl in Elves should have died within the first 20 minutes. Show over.”

Echoing the same sentiment, someone else said: “I can’t think of a more annoying child than the brat in Elves who gets people killed all because she wanted a pet.”

Another simply added: “That little girl from the Netflix series Elves really, really, gets on my nerves.”

The cast includes Ann Eleonora Jørgensen, Rasmus Hammerich, Vivelill Søgaard Holm, Sonja Steen, Peder Thomas Pedersen, Lukas Løkken, and Lila Nobel.

Danish actress Jørgensen began her acting career in 1993 and she has taken part in several award-worthy roles since.

Her most well-known roles in films include TAXA, Forbrydelsen, Italian for Beginners and In Your Hands.

Elves is available to stream on Netflix now.

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