Oti Mabuse caught out by Matt Tebbutt "knocking back prosecco" on Saturday Kitchen Live

OTI Mabuse has been left red in the face after Saturday Kitchen Live host Matt Tebbutt revealed she had been "knocking back" alcohol.

The Masked Dancer judge laughed nervously as chef Matt detailed how she had been sinking the prosecco as she believed it to be "non alcoholic".

Making a guest appearance on the cooking show, Oti, 30, spoke of her "excitement" ahead of the Masked Dancer final on ITV on Saturday night.

After discussing the release of her children's book with wine expert Olly Smith, Matt jumped in to tell the audience about Oti's mistake.

"Earlier while we were watching Rick Stein, Oti was merrily knocking back what she thought was non-alcoholic prosecco," Matt said.

As an embarrassed Oti hid her face in her hands and flushed red, the TV host added: "Having learnt that now, she's a bit concerned."

The Strictly Come Dancing judge explained she was presenting her first ever live radio show at 3pm – just hours after sinking the drinks.

"It's alright, you just need to go for a nice walk," Matt joked as he, Olly and guest chef Ching-He Huang giggled in the background.

Trying to defend herself, Oti said she didn't realise until she started to "feel warm", adding: "I was like, 'This is not supposed to be happening'."

"It's just too drinkable," Ching-He added to try and make her feel better about the easily-made alcohol mix-up.

Throughout the show, Matt continued to tease Oti as she tried a glass of wine as she tried one of the dishes served up on the show.

"You're on the radio later, don't over do it," the chef said, as Oti laughed: "I'll have one sip, or I'll just have some water then."

Oti was served up her food heaven at the end of the show, to which Matt signed off would help her "soak up the wine" by eating the lot.

The star stole another sip of a second bottle of wine as she tried the dish, as Olly joked the South African grape was chosen "for her".

"Good luck with your radio show, we will all be listening," Matt teased as the credits began to roll on a red-faced Oti.

The dancing star took to the judging panel of The Masked Dancer earlier this year, sparkling in a silver dress on the debut show last week.

The Strictly professional dancer 'burst out into song and dance' when she got the news that she was on the panel for The Masked Dancer.

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