Outlander season 5, episode 3 promo: What will happen next in Free Will?

Starz series Outlander is going to be serving up another dramatic instalment this weekend. Jamie (played by Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) will be put to the test. But what will happen next in the Starz show?

What will happen in Outlander season 5, episode 3?

Episode three is called Free Will and will be airing on US network Starz in America on Sunday, March 1.

Amazon Prime will be dropping the latest episode in the UK on Monday, March 2.

Starz has shared a promo for the next episode which starts with Jamie and Claire discussing the return of the evil Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers).

The concerned parents want to keep their daughter Brianna MacKenzie (Sophie Skelton) safe from the evil villain.


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Stephen Bonnet is alive,” Jamie tells his wife in hushed tones.

Claire responds: “Bree doesn’t know, does she? That’s one small blessing.”

However, unknown to them Brianna found out at her wedding the rapist was still at large.

Although Bonnet is mentioned, the focus will be on Jamie and Claire as they go on an adventure through the woods.

While it’s not clear where they are going, Jamie could be assisting Claire with a patient.

During their journey they stumble across a house which looks dilapidated and there’s mention of a mysterious Mr Beardsley.

The couple then head to the strange home where Claire makes a horrifying discovery after pulling back a sheet in one of the rooms?

Has she stumbled across a dead body with Claire and Jamie trying to solve a murder mystery?

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Fans of the Diana Gabaldon novels will be familiar with this storyline from The Fiery Cross.

The next episode feels like a respite from the main plot involving the American Revolutionary War and the militia.

Also, even though Bonnet is mentioned, he is unlikely to take centre stage in Free Will.

Instead, the instalment will feel like a self-contained story which will see Jamie and Claire together before the main drama of war tears them apart.


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However, fans are well aware it will be a matter of time before Bonnet tries to find Brianna and her child.

Bonnet is likely to be coming after Brianna and baby Jemmy as they try to move on with their lives.

He’s been a threat since he escaped justice at the end of season four and is going to be coming for the Frasers.

Jamie has been trying to track him down without luck – as and learnt from the season premiere as he and Roger MacKenzie (Richard Rankin) spoke in whispers.

Now Jamie will be gathering together a militia to fight the Regulator, he’s not going to be around.

This could be the perfect opportunity for Bonnet to strike again and kidnap the child and even Brianna.

Outlander airs on Starz in the US on Sundays and Amazon Prime in the US on Mondays

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