Phil Schofield squirms as guest says he didnt answer Twitter question on cheese

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A very dedicated man has made it his life’s work to find out what the favourite cheese is of various celebrities, and revealed some choices on This Morning.

Joe Bangles even spent a whopping 14 months asking Liam Gallagher what his choice is.

Holly Willoughby asked in amazement: “Now for Liam Gallagher, you set an alert for Liam so every time he went on Twitter and tweeted it would show up and then you'd get straight on there and ask him his favourite cheese. Did he did he reply eventually?”

Joe laughed: “He did and it took 14 months and over 1000 tweets to him to get a reply!”

“It was tantamount to spamming, I do appreciate that, but he only replied with cheese on toast,” he said ruefully.

“So after 14 months, he didn't even tell me his favourite cheese and we just get how he liked it.”

As well as Alan Sugar and Elon Musk, Joe said he had also tweeted Holly and Phil, but then it got awkward.

Holly exclaimed: “I don’t think we’ve told you what our cheese are!”

Joe replied: “I have asked you to on Twitter – I'm not calling you out on it – but I haven't had a reply yet so thank you for being able to write this on my list!”

Phil answered: “I so seldom ever go on Twitter these days but here is your Twitter reply ready to go.”

Holly answered: “It’s better like this in real life.”

Phil agreed: “It’s much better and it's much more fun for me actually to go like this and waft it across to Holly, because I picked Stilton and stinking bishop,” as he waved the lid at poor Holly.

Holly covered her face due to the stench and wasn’t impressed.

“I’ve gone for camembert” said Holly. “Is that a nice choice? That hasn’t disappointed you?” she said anxiously.

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“No!” said Joe. “You can get a lovely British camembert."

He also revealed Elon Musk loves a Stilton, while he was less than impressed with Line Of Duty's Martin Compston's pick of Primula cheese.

Meanwhile, Minnie Driver pleaded with Joe to stop spamming her asking, and revealed that she just hates cheese.

After giving Joe their answer, Phil sheepishly asked him to tweet him again so he could reply today.

True to his word, Phil has now shared his reply.

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