‘RHONJ’ Star Teresa Giudice Is ‘Embarrassed and Angry’ Over Season Finale

In the finale, which aired on Wednesday, February 26, Melissa Gorga spilled the tea that Teresa encouraged Danielle Staub to pull Margaret Joseph’s hair during their fight at a boutique.

AceShowbizTeresa Giudice isn’t proud of what she did in the season 10 finale of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey“. According to a new report, the episode “was really hard for Teresa to watch” since she was revealed to be telling Danielle Staub to pull Margaret Joseph‘s hair during their fight.

A source continued telling HollywoodLife.com on Sunday, March 1, “She was really embarrassed and angry and is so ready to move on from this season and on to the next.” However, it didn’t make her want to exit the Bravo reality TV series.

“In zero way is this making her not want to come back. She loves the show and the platform it gives her and has no plans to walk away despite the backlash she’s received from the episode,” added the insider. “She’s happy that her castmates have supported her since walking away from her friendship to Danielle.”

The 47-year-old TV personality is allegedly “confident that she and Marge (Margaret) will eventually be fine again and she gets why she’s upset.” However, “Teresa is still done with Danielle. They spoke at the reunion and she has no plans to speak to her again anytime in the near future. She’s done.”

In the finale, which aired on Wednesday, February 26, Melissa Gorga spilled the tea that Danielle told her that Teresa encouraged her to pull Margaret’s hair during their fight at a boutique. Upon knowing that, Margaret lashed out at Teresa, saying, “Why would you ever tell her to pull my hair? How sick is that? You f***ing love this girl so much that you’re gonna f***ing just let her hurt me? For what? For what? You’re a real f***ing a**hole. I’m like f***ing freaked out. This is your f***ing friend? This is who you wanna associate with?”

After being blasted by Margaret, Teresa appeared to be pissed off because she knew that Bravo would most likely use this for storyline. “You guys are f**ing assholes. I’m going home!” she shouted after flipping one of the cameraman the bird and throwing her drink.

Later, Teresa called Danielle and confronted her. “I didn’t agree with attacking someone. That was your f***ing decision, and then afterwards, what did I tell you afterwards? I’m so mad at myself. I don’t ever wanna hurt anybody again. It’s f***ed up. I’m not like that,” she told Danielle. She then decided to end her friendship with Danielle, saying, “I wish you all the best, I just don’t wanna be friends anymore. I had enough. Alright, bye,” before hanging up.

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